Excerpted from the Hampton Journal, November 2007:

(1) Pacific Spirit Regional Park and Wreck Beach advocates should be aware that as of October 18, 2007, Mr. de Jong, Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation, told Mr. Shane Simpson, NDP MLA, in the Legislature that the Provincial Government would not swap 120 acres of parkland for the UBC Golf Course.

(2) However, as reported in the Hampton Journal of November 2007: In contrast, on October 24th, again under questioning in the Legislature by Mr. Simpson, Mr. deJong said,
"... specific discussions focused on a 35-acre parcel of land, which runs beside Southwest Marine drive from the 'Lookout' monument to the reserve 'stranded' from the main part of the park. It is a parcel of land that the Musqueam have had an interest in for some time, and as I indicated, it has been the subject of the discussion and negotiations that are ongoing."
(This includes salmonid-bearing Booming Ground Creek and environmentally-sensitive Musqueam Marsh within the park.)

This seems to amount to the government protecting the park (from the Zlotnik proposal)
on the one hand and proposing to chop a piece from it on the other hand.

Park advocates should also be aware of the resolution crafted by PSPS Chair, Dave Forsyth, and unanimously supported by over 300 people at the October 18 St. James Community Square public forum against removing parkland from Pacific Spirit Regional Park. Addressed to the Provincial Government, it reads thusly:

"To make clear that Pacific Spirit Regional Park must be protected."
Cliff Erosion Management Framework Report...
"A Caution with Booming Ground Creek"
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What can you do to help?
Make your views known to Mike de Jong, BC Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation that you support the above public resolution or motion to protect Pacific Spirit Regional Park with reasons why you believe this exquisitely beautiful area must be kept natural.  Please either e-mail Minister de Jong at mike.dejong.mla@leg.bc.ca and/or fax him your letter at 1-250-953-4856  And, while you are at it, let the Chair of the Metro Vancouver Park Committee know that you want this land kept as parkland in perpetuity.  Her name is Councillor Gayle Martin, and you can reach her at gmartin@langleycity.ca or you can fax her at 604-534-0194.  Please send copies of whatever you e-mail or fax to these folks, to the WBPS c/o Judy Williams at judyw@wreckbeach.org or fax her at (604)-856-9598.