Copyright Disclaimer

ALL material on this website is protected by copyright
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Wreck Beach Preservation Society - “WBPS
and/or the individual copyright holders.

The WBPS has been a registered Society since 1981.
Our Society endeavors to educate the public on the wholesomeness of naturism.

We respect ourselves, others and the environment while living in harmony with Nature as Nature intended.

Our Society’s mandate is to preserve Wreck Beach, the foreshore,
its cliffs and surrounding forests in as nearly a natural state as possible.

Donations to the WBPS go directly toward the preservation of the Wreck Beach foreshore and cliffs,
stretching from  Acadia to Booming Ground Creek.  

The WBPS is not responsible for the content of other websites concerning Wreck Beach,
which may include inaccuracies or misinformation about the beach, fund-raising efforts, beach activities, and beach values.  While we have no problem with others creating websites to celebrate our beautiful beach, we emphasize that donations to such websites Do NOT go to WBPS and Wreck Beach protection.

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