Beach Etiquette

1.     Stay on designated trails. Stay off the cliff faces and any other environmentally - sensitive areas.
No mountain biking anywhere in the park on ocean side of Marine Drive. Report offenders – 604-224-5739.

2.     Obey parking regulations and signs or your car will be towed! Please also obey the "Clothes-Beyond-This-Point" signs.

3.     Love your beach by packing out what you pack in and then some more. Leave only your footprints and laughter! Leave your glass bottles at home! Bring only cans. Broken glass and bare feet don’t mix! Litter bags are often at bottom of trail!

4.     Show the public that nude is not lewd or rude. No overt sexual activity! Ask regulars, GVRD, or RCMP (604-224-1322) for help.

5.     Prevent destruction of driftwood and forest; fires are illegal, and destroy clean sunning spots! Don’t throw glass in fires!

6.     Get nude! Respect nudity and the privacy of others and experience the joys of naturism! Gawking, staring, or making rude comments is not appreciated! If nudity offends you, please check out Vancouver’s many other beautiful beaches instead of mocking our naturist lifestyle. Ask prior permission to photograph. No unauthorized film-making!

7.     Use earphones when you are enjoying your radio or tape player. No generators, spot lights, or loud amplifiers, please! Wreck Beach was the first Vancouver-area beach to encourage use of earphones!

8.     Protect and respect wildlife and habitat such as seals, gulls, herons, eagles and rare, double-headed cattails in the estuary. Speak up for standards; if a person is unaware of the etiquette, please explain it quietly and politely.

9.     Take care of children; they need special care. Know where they are and make sure they … and you … have enough water, shade, and sun protection ( A minimum of SPF 15 is recommended). Know both your location and the location of a sick or injured person on the beach if calling 9-1-1 for an emergency. A volunteer first-aid station can often be found at the bottom of Trail No. 6 or at the Casino, mid-beach.

10.  Take due care and caution when swimming and boating; no lifeguards are on duty and irresponsible boaters and jet skiers DO NOT MIX with small children, swimmers, and kayakers who are not always easily visible

11.  Camping is illegal, and the RCMP and GVRD patrol throughout the summer. No dogs allowed on the beach between March 1 to September 30, and you may be fined $100. Dogs and crowds don’t mix.

12.  Give lost and found items to the GVRD (604-224-5739), RCMP (604-224-1322), or WBPS (Wreck Beach Preservation Society) (604-856-9598).

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