Vancouver Area Web Cams

Below are a few cams and a weather radar that will help you decide what the weather is doing at the beach.
If you were expecting to find a cam of the beach with people on it then we have to say we are sorry and do not have one.

Telemark Systems' Kat Kam

This cam is in downtown Vancouver overlooking Burrard Bridge and points east with West Vancouver to the right and Point Grey, where Wreck Beach is located, to the left. It will display the clouds or sun at the beach. This cam is active during the day and displays a dusk shot all night.

Blue Mist Web Cam

This cam is also located in downtown Vancouver and overlooks Sunset Beach, English Bay, and points east toward West Vancouver. Wreck Beach would be located in the distance to the left just off screen. The view updates every 5 minutes. Click your browser's Refresh button to get an updated view.

EnviroCanada West Van Cams

This cam is located at the University of British Columbia (UBC) campus that is adjacent to Pacific Spirit Park and Wreck Beach. It will tell you if it is sunny, cloudy, or raining. This cam is black at night.

UBC Axis Artscam

This cam is also located at the University of British Columbia (UBC) campus. The view is from the Buchanan Tower looking North West over Wreck's Towers Beach with West Vancouver in the background. It too will tell you if it is sunny, cloudy, or raining.

Environment Canada Regional Weather Radar

This weather radar, located in Aldergrove, BC, scans the Vancouver lower mainland area and detects any precipitation in that area. Click the "How to Use" tab button to find out more on what this radar does and how to use it.

WeatherUnderground - Satelite Image "realtime"

Similar to above Weather radar - except from space satelite imaging.

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